Community Announcement – August 1, 2022

Long Beach Police Department Officers have enjoyed many cups of fresh lemonade all around this great City from our young residents and we continue to do so. However, we have been made aware of a misleading Facebook post by a local resident accusing the LBPD of writing an 11-year-old boy a summons for operating a lemonade stand. In an effort to help the public have a greater understanding of what actually took place we would like the following facts to made available to the community:

  • The lemonade stand (selling lemonade along with bottles of coke, sprite, and water) was set up on the sidewalk at the entrance ramp to the Boardwalk at Edwards Boulevard, a heavily trafficked area yards away from a licensed food service establishment that sells the same products. The stand was positioned so the foot traffic passed the stand before the licensed establishment. 
  • Our Officers responded to a complaint about said stand and explained to the boy and his father that they could not be in this location, and instead could set up in front of their residence, as is typical for lemonade stands. This request was made by the Officers several times, each time rebuffed by the father.
  • The father, who also made the above-referenced Facebook post, refused to move and stated he wanted to be ticketed and have his day in court. His request for a ticket was granted and his day in court is now scheduled. The father, not the 11 year old son, was issued the summons.

The Long Beach Police Department prides itself in being a community focused department.  We work hard every day to engender relationships with every aspect of the Long Beach community.  There is a distinct difference between a young resident, under parental supervision, setting up a lemonade stand in front of their house to try to make a few dollars, compared to a parent assisting in setting up a large-scale vending operation at the entrance to the Boardwalk, a few yards ahead of a properly licensed merchant. It is unfortunate that this situation was posted on Facebook in such a way as to try and inflame the community.

Have no fear, kids, we love your lemonade and will continue to visit your stands.