Records/ID Division

The City of Long Beach Police Department’s Records Division is instrumental in ensuring that the operations of the Police Department run efficiently and effectively.  The Records Division encompasses the Applicant, Identification, Public Information, Training and Warrants Divisions.  

The Records’ Division is staffed by both Civilian and Sworn Personnel.  The Commanding Officer of the Records Division is Lieutenant Rocco Walsh who supervises a team of Applicant Investigator Police Officers, Administrative Aides and a Discovery Expediter.  Some of the primary duties of the Records Division are to maintain and archive all Departmental Records and distribute them when requested by the public through a Freedom of Information Law Request, provide civilian fingerprinting services, assist with residential/commercial alarm registration, bicycle registrations, conduct background checks and investigations on potential new hires, ensure that all sworn and civilian personnel are in compliance with their training, and to keep the public and news media advised on recent events through Social Media and Press Releases.   

In addition to the aforementioned duties, the Records Division ensures that the Police Department is in compliance with all of New York State’s recent discovery laws, which were enacted in January of 2020 and acts as a liaison with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office.  Due to the fact that the City of Long Beach has its own Local Criminal Court, the Records Division is also responsible for ensuring that all Criminal Court Warrants are filed, recalled and properly executed.  Moreover, the Records Division oversees and maintains the City of Long Beach Police Department’s Narcan program.  Maintenance of the Narcan program includes training sworn members and civilian personnel in the administration of Narcan and outfitting our staff with the necessary equipment to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.  

Please feel free to contact the City of Long Beach Records Division on regular business days between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm with any requests, questions or concerns.