Technical Assistance Response Unit

The TARU Unit is responsible for ensuring the collection, processing and transcoding of digital evidence including video and cellphone data.  A significant number of criminal cases in Long Beach now contain some type of digital or video component.  The most visible representation of this TARU service is the collection of video evidence from homes and businesses throughout the City.  The TARU Unit prepares and executes subpoenas for digital records and also provides investigative support and assistance to the Detective Division in investigations that have a digital component.  The TARU Unit transmits digital evidence to the Detective Division for use in their investigations, and to the District Attorney’s Office in compliance with provisions of Discovery laws.  TARU provides courtroom testimony on the collection and authenticity of digital evidence.

Additionally, the TARU Unit maintains all the Department’s technology both in the field and at headquarters. TARU coordinates with multiple vendors and NYS ITS to manage all software applications. These include our records management system, scheduling software, license plate reader camera system, time management system and many others.  The TARU unit further assists City IT staff with maintenance of the IT infrastructure.