Detective Division

The Long Beach Police Detective Division is a highly trained and experienced investigative unit responsible for all criminal investigations in the City of Long Beach. Detective Lieutenant Stefan Chernaski is the Commanding Officer of Detectives and has held that position since 2012. The Detective Division exclusively investigates crimes with the exception of Homicides, which are investigated jointly with the Nassau County Police Department Homicide Squad.

As one of the oldest investigative divisions in the State, we have successfully investigated and prosecuted a myriad of crimes including Murder, Rape, Arson, Kidnapping, Robbery, Burglary, Assault,  Weapon offenses, Conspiracy, Narcotics and Narcotics Manufacturing, Larceny, Fraud and Domestic Violence. In addition to general investigative services, each Detective maintains expertise in one or more specialized fields.

Notwithstanding our autonomy, Long Beach Detectives strive to bring the best quality services to the people of Long Beach and will utilize outside expert resources as needed. We often work closely with specialized units in Nassau County such as the Electronics Squad, Narcotics and Vice, Special Victims Services, Special Investigations Squad, Major Case Squad, Crime Scene Search Section, Arson Bomb Squad and Canine.

In addition to criminal investigations the Detective Division also handles missing persons, accidents, death investigations, juvenile delinquency, asset forfeiture, New York State Sex Offender Registry and Domestic Incidents. A major function of the Detective Division is also the storage and management of evidence and property, including the prescription drug drop off box in the Precinct lobby. The property Detective recently handled 286.3 pounds of prescription items in a 6 month period and according to the DEA, was the largest amount of prescription drugs turned in.

If you are the victim of a crime, contact the Long Beach Police Department and the Patrol Division will initiate a preliminary investigation and take all necessary reports. After review of the circumstances, it will be determined if further investigation is warranted by the Detective Division who will contact you after the initial reporting.