Uniformed Patrol Force

The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the City and handling all of the day to day calls for service received by the Long Beach Police Department.  The Patrol Division is comprised of a Commanding Officer Lieutenant, Sergeants and Police Officers.  The Commanding Officer Lieutenant is responsible for supervising the Sergeants and the Officers supervised by the Sergeants. Additionally, some Sergeants are designated as Patrol Sergeants and are responsible for the outside supervision of the Police Officers. 

The dedicated Officers of the Uniformed Force patrol Long Beach 24/7 in vehicles, bicycles and ATV’s.  They prepare reports on all crimes reported to the Department. For most citizens, they are the first point of contact with the Department. The Animal Control Unit and the Sanitation Inspector also operate under the auspices of the Uniformed Force.

Currently, the Commanding Officer of the Uniformed Force is Lieutenant Brett Curtis. 

* Residents are reminded to call 431-1800 for non-emergency matters and to dial 911 for emergencies.