Traffic Division

The Long Beach Police Department’s Traffic Division is charged with the responsibility of traffic safety on the public highways and local waterways. Inspector Michael Corbett is the current Commanding Officer of the Traffic Division.

The Traffic Division consists of both sworn and non-sworn civilian personnel.  Sworn personnel (Police Officers) conduct targeted enforcement of all New York State Vehicle and Traffic violations as well as DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) enforcement.  Non-Sworn Members (Special Police Officers) are tasked with enforcing all local parking regulations while also keeping traffic flowing throughout the City.

The Traffic Division also coordinates and assists with special events throughout the City of Long Beach.  These include, but are not limited to:  St Brendan’s Day (Irish Day), The Memorial Day Parade, The Martin Luther King Day Parade, various races, as well as all Boardwalk festivals and fairs.

The Traffic Division works hand in hand with the Recreation, Beach Park and Lifeguards to maintain order, security and safety on the beach.  This is accomplished by deployment of both Police Officers as well as “Summer Specials”.  “Summer Specials are college students that are majoring in Criminal Justice or related fields that show an interest in careers in Law Enforcement that are tasked with enforcing local code ordinances.

Additionally the Traffic Division works hand in hand with the City’s Public Works Department, as well as the Building Department, in coordinating road closures, road repair and the maintenance of adequate road signage throughout the City.

Acting in partnership with the Nassau County Traffic Safety Board, the Traffic Division has received and maintained grant funding for the following enforcement programs:

  • Buckle Up New York (BUNY)
  • Police Traffic Safety (PTS)
  • Safe Routes to School